Cargo Insurance

At Alpha Commerce International, we offer insurance coverage for your shipments. Your insurance claim is prepared and filed by us, sparing you from the complexities and headaches of dealing with foreign carriers and underwriters.

Peace of Mind

Your cargo is constantly on the move and is being handled at warehouses, loaded on trucks, containers and aircrafts, subjecting it to constant risks of loss or damage. 

No matter how much care you devote to packaging your goods and despite our constant concern to provide safe warehousing and carriers, loss and damages may occur in transportation.

Some of the risks that your freight is exposed to are:

  • partial or total loss
  • shipment astray
  • pilferage
  • breakage
  • damages
  • shipping line general average

Common carriers offer limited and conditional liability. In addition, regulations vary from country to country therefore exposing your company to complex claims and other potential issues. We can take care of all the paperwork and insurance coverage for you. 

Peace of mind is what we provide.